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About Us

Beautiful Buds YQL began as a mere cannabis influenced deep thought, in a hot bubble bath, after a long, hard day working in the finance world. As a professional woman, who is surrounded by a group of strong, beautiful women who use cannabis - we all had one thing in common. We wanted to feel beautiful while smoking.

Now, of course this wasn’t the only thing we had in common in regards to discussing cannabis use. Women who are mothers, grandmothers, teachers, wives, and all other categories imaginable - We all have used, do use, or will use cannabis at some point in our lives. If cannabis isn’t your thing, we’re here to help you understand why it could, and should become your thing. Trust us babes, we’ve got you.

Cannabis can be oriented into everyone’s lives, and with the recent legalization in Canada, people are more willing than ever. Getting high isn’t your thing? No problem. We get it. But would you love to have glowing skin, or a natural way to relax your tense muscles? Cannabis.

We are here to break the stigma around cannabis use, while empowering women to feel beautiful, strong, and like the true goddesses they are. 

Cannabis use does not mean you need to get high. Trust us on this one. Have you ever used a cannabis infused moisturizer? If you haven’t, you haven’t lived - and we are here to help point you in the direction. 

Over the years, I’ve watched cannabis use increase around me, and the once unwilling now willing to try this magical plant in one way or another. Through this, I’ve also become part of an amazing community. The cannababe community. These women are serious badasses, who all share a love of all things beautiful, and all things cannabis.

Beautiful Buds YQL was created to grow the cannababe community, and increase the networks between artists, users, and boss babes of all sorts. We work with all female artists, curators, and suppliers globally, as well as collaborate with local female business owners to promote not only our brand, but the artists product and following.